Communication - Hosted Exchange

Hosted exchange is a cloud based messaging platform designed for businesses. Baldwins Technology Solutions uses this service to host your emails. Back in the day, Microsoft Exchange was deployed on-premises, meaning you had to pay for licences and buy a server. Having a monthly subscription with us, you will no longer need these licences. Baldwins Technology Solutions will perform all instillation, upgrades, maintenance and with our support team, we are here to help you with any queries or problems which might occur. With hosted exchange, our customers can collaborate, communicate and manage their business more efficiently and effectively. The most important factor to consider is cost Using a hosted exchange makes it a lot more cost effective for businesses to use Microsoft’s Exchange server.


Microsoft office 365


At Baldwins Technology Solutions we provide you an Office 365 package that suits you and your business. The benefits of using Office 365 starts with moving to the cloud:

  •   Your business can continue to use Microsoft software that you’re used to, meaning no need to learn how to use new confusing software
  •   You will continue to receive access to the newest version of the Microsoft Office Cloud Solutions as they are updated
  •   You can access your email, calendar, documents and contacts anytime, anywhere on any web-enabled devices
  •   Keeping you organized! All of your files, emails and contacts are all synchronised to work together when using office 365
  •   You’ll have larger mailbox storage for all your important files. You need space for all of your important emails, so with office 365, you’ll have a whopping 50GB of email storage space With everything organized and plenty of storage, you can get on with your work and not have to worry about the smaller things

Defense and Security


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