Communication - OffSite Backup

What is Offsite backup? Offsite backup works by making duplicate copies of files and transmitting it to an offsite security centre, such as in another building or at a cloud storage facility on the internet. This data can then be accessed in the event of an emergency by using the internet. This is also known as “off-site data protection” and “vaulting”. This offsite backup is required for disaster recovery. It’s also required to prevent damage from worms that spread throughout a local network. At Baldwins Technology Solutions we offer additional features such as account management, IT support so you can call us about any problems or queries, central management for multiple data locations, as well as email and data backup. We ensure that we make incremental backups. Incremental backup is an automatic backup which happens to your data if something has changed. If you were to save a file one day after making changes to it, then the file will automatically backup. If the following day, you were to make no changes to the same file, then it would not need another automatic backup as it’s already saved.

  •   You can relax knowing your data is protected in the event of a disaster
  •   You can get on with the important stuff while we perform backup operations automatically
  •   Data-encrypted network connections add security
  •   Remote workers can login to your VoIP from anywhere using an internet connection.
  •   Can access your VoIP even from your mobile

Defense and Security


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