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Session Initiation Protocol SIP essentially gives you a phone line carried into your premises over an internet connection (connects calls via the internet). This removes the need for a physical ISDN line. There are many benefits to converting your PSTN or ISDN phones to SIP phones. These benefits include: Cutting down communication costs

  •   All calls, voice or video, between SIP users come at a much more competitive pricing
  •   No line rental fees
  •   Free calls between your organisations offices that are using the same SIP connection
  • Mobility
  •   Remote workers can login to your VoIP from anywhere using an internet connection.
  •   Can access your VoIP even from your mobile
  • Multi-functional
  •   Voice calls
  •   Video conferencing
  • Integration Can be used to integrate with your other business systems, such as:
  •   Email clients
  •   Customer records
  • Scalability
  •   Scales easily to your business
  •   New phone lines can simply be added or reassigned
  •   New phone lines can also be removed depending on your business’ needs
  •   Existing phone numbers can be ‘ported’ to SIP, so you don’t have to worry about losing your well known business numbers.

What can Baldwins Technology Solutions offer?

Baldwins Technology Solutions provide a cloud based SIP Phone system with a hosted PBX which is reliable & affordable. It’s great for any type of business, from a brand new set-up to an established business. Hosted PBX gives you the features and functionality of telephone systems that were previously only affordable by large organisations. Switching from traditional telephone lines to Hosted PBX services that we offer and you can enjoy, a reliable service, which is easy to set up and manage and gives you the freedom you didn’t have before.


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When should I switch? Well, the sooner the better! The switch off date for PSTN and ISDN lines is 2025. Although, businesses will no longer be able to buy any systems that use these networks by 2020. If you’re thinking about upgrading or refreshing your telephony system before 2020, we advise you to look at the SIP solution instead of upgrading your traditional PSTN or ISDN systems.

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