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Supply & Leasing

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 Baldwins Technology Solutions offers a range of flexible leasing options. This approach enables your business to preserve working capital for investment in the business, as lease payments can be paid from revenue budgets. Leasing helps spread the cost of using equipment over a pre-agreed period by making regular (usually quarterly) payments instead of a large capital outlay. Spreading the cost this way allows greater flexibility along with better control over your IT budget Leasing as a financing approach offers many advantages to business which including:

    •   Easier budgeting - Payments made throughout a lease arrangement are not affected by changes in interest rates and are fixed throughout the term. So no risk of increase due to changes in the market place. You can accurately plan for lease payments in advance.


    •   Future credit line - When leasing equipment through the finance company, this leaves the customer's existing credit lines, remain intact.


    •   Upgrade options - The original installation can be altered, either during or at the end of the lease, to accommodate unforeseen changes in your IT needs.


    •   Tax efficient - If your customer pays corporation tax, leasing payments may be deducted from taxable profits, which reduces the net cost of leasing the equipment.


    •   Convenience - Making leasing payments by direct debit helps your customer avoid unnecessary time organising payment for equipment rental invoices.


  •   100% financing A deposit need not be a prerequisite to the finance arrangement.